croissants – third time’s the charm

*warning – these pictures of croissants may make you drool*

I love croissaphoto1nts.

I can’t live without them. They’re just so perfect. So buttery…so flaky…and they go so well with brunch, which is also perfect, and is my favourite meal of the day. So basically we can all agree that croissants are great.

photo9This is the third time I’ve attempted at baking croissants and they finally came out like actual croissants. The first time I made them was in the middle of summer in Taipei, which was hot and humid and made my hair all frizzy. Anyways, the problem with making croissants in that environment is that the butter melts during the rolling and folding process so the layers don’t come out nicely and the croissants don’t become flaky and airy. So mine came out hard and I could actually bang them on the table and they wouldn’t even break. I was very frustrated.photo3

The second time I made them was during summertime in Fiji, which is actually winter in the states because Fiji is in the Southern Hemisphere so the tilt of the axis of rotation of the earth as the earth orbits the sun (whew) is different compared to the Northern Hemisphere. But I won’t go into much detail of that now. Anyways, the second time I made them, they came out exactly the same as the first one so I decided to stick to buying them from theFrench bakeries in town.

Then the other day I was just mucking around and suddenly got a very strong craving for croissants, but because it’s actually very difficult to find good pastry in Fiji (it’s wintertime now), I decided to buckle down and make some damn flaky croissants.

And I made them.photo4

And they came out beautifully.photo2

Ok, enough of the blabbering. Here is the recipe that I got from topwithcinnamon, one of my favourite baking blogs. You should take a look at it and try making your own because she has some great gifs and her method is very detailed and on point.

PS. If you’re really intimidated by the long process of making them, don’t be. It’s not difficult at all, just time consuming but well worth it!


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